CT P.A.S.T.S.(the Connecticut Paranormal and Supernatural Tracking Society) was founded in 2007 by a man, soon after a group, with a dream; The dream to embrace and expand the paranormal field by helping others, with a focal point on ghost hunting, aka paranormal investigation or spirit observation and interaction.  In the following years CT P.A.S.T.S. changed and grew, struggled and flourished but through and through the dream didn’t fade. It instead began to become realized. Through time we’ve gathered quality gear, investigators and methods and are making our positive footprint in the paranormal community.

      We approach the field unbiased, including a variety of people and personalities on our team, skeptics included. We base our findings off of the results of a variety of tests and our wide range of experimental and scientific gear. We keep religion out of the mix at all times possible, but are always accepting of those of our clients and team members. Our services are always free of charge, although we always appreciate donations to keep the gears turning. We are always respectful to all clients’ property or land. Going against that would not only be unprofessional but also self-sabotage, and that is strictly against CT P.A.S.T.S. policy.

If at the end of the day, after hours of investigating and even more hours of review, we have helped someone or something, provided answers or comfort or have brought something more to the paranormal field, and have done so professionally and as efficiently as currently possible then we have done our jobs correctly and have lived up to the name of CT P.A.S.T.S..

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    Have a haunting? Don’t be scared, contact CT PASTS today!

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